Truth Has Never Been Relative

Hello Blog World.

I have now joined the ranks of 152 million people who have created blogs. What makes my blog so different?

I am a Christian. I am a conservative. I am concerned.

Concerned about the lives lost daily to morning after pills and abortion clinics. Concerned about the science curriculum taught in our schools. Concerned about the Affordable Care Act.

But what I’m most concerned about, is the apathy.

It seems like everyone these days is going through life with their blinders on. As long as we can bury our eyes in our smartphones, life is good (until you run into a light pole on the sidewalk). We just let the politicians in Washington run everything and expect that they don’t need or want any help from us. We turn a blind eye to the homeless man on the sidewalk and say “Oh, the government will take care of him.” Many parents drop their kids off at daycare and say “Oh, they’ll take care of little Junior all day no problem,” and wonder why their kid is so unruly at bedtime. Quite a few of us read the paper…um I mean watch the news at night and assume that there is nothing else worth reporting going on in the world.


There is so much more going on than meets the eye. When Minnesota legalized gay marriage, they didn’t take into account that gays live about half as long as their heterosexual peers.

Nobody even thought to think the unthinkable. That the Bible, that old book that nobody reads anymore, could have been right all along.

I will prove to  you using facts and stats why the Bible has been right all along. I will prove to you that almost everyone in Washington cares for themselves and themselves alone. I will also bring up another point that fundamentally weakens America’s central infrastructure-the national debt.

This blog will enlighten you. It will scare you. It will make you aware of your surroundings. That is the most essential ingredient of a free America. Thomas Jefferson said that when America was founded.

Never trust what information is fed to you. Seek it out for yourself.

Truth Has Never Been Relative.




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