National Debt: A Problem

Okay, so the post I wrote last time was a little bit condescending.
I apologize.
However, I have stumbled on my next posting topic: Debt.
It would be ludicrous, foolhardy, and nonsensical to attempt to explain the numbers and reasons of all debt in one short post, so I decided to break this up into several short posts to make it easier to wrap your mind around. This post:The Federal Debt.
The mainstream media has largely shushed the federal debt. I know that. I know that because I haven’t heard one peep out of any TV news program about the federal debt since Washington had a partial shutdown in October. Which brings me to a question: Do you know what the federal debt is?
The federal debt is (drum roll please)…
17.565 trillion dollars.
Million. Billion. Trillion. To put this into perspective, that is 175,000,000,000 one hundred dollar bills. That’s a lot. How did we get this way? Let’s start with the paychecks of political figures.
The President: $400,000/yr
Speaker of the house: over $200,000/yr
Senator/Representative: $174,000/yr
Okay, so now let’s look at the welfare system:
Social Security: $822 billion
Medicare/Medicaid: $778 billion
The other big-ticket item is Defense/Wars. We spend $600 billion on that. Granted, we’re not in a war, but in this nuclear age, we need to have a strong defense, because, contrary to what Congress would like us to believe, there is no way to avoid the sketchy behaviour of certain people.
But let’s return to the big figure. 17 and a half trillion dollars. In debt.
In the year 2000, America was 5.5 trillion dollars in debt. That’s a lot. However, the debt was falling, and we had a budget surplus of 153.4 billion dollars. We were set up for success.
Then in the year 2004, we had bumped up our debt to 7.2 trillion dollars, however we had a budget surplus of 387.2 billion dollars.
In 2008, we had 9.6 billion dollars of debt, and 239 billion dollars in budget surplus.
George Bush spent 2 trillion extra dollars a term.
Barack Obama has spent nearly 2 trillion dollars a year.
It makes me wonder what he has been doing with 8 trillion dollars that America doesn’t have.


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