How to research the right way

I just took a trip to the other side of the tracks.

The Democrat tracks. I am a conservative by nature and by choice, however I was curious what arguments “the other side” gave responding to things such as “The War on Women.”

To be honest, I was incredibly bored with their arguments, but that is beside the point. The point is, I looked at something other than what was right in front of my face. As a conservative Christian I most often limit myself to conservative news sites, rarely watch “mainstream” media, and for home schooling choose solely books with Christian/Creationist viewpoints. However, a trip to the other side is necessary to keep everything in perspective.

Humans are going to take the path of least resistance, and if you have been bathed from the cradle in conservativism, that is most likely going to be what you look at for news. It’s human nature. Likewise, if you were raised liberal or went to a public school you have been soaked and resoaked, whether you know it or not, in the ideals of liberalism.

George Washington said that splitting the nation into political parties would create division, and so it has. I felt like I was reading material from a different country when I went onto a liberal news site. Oh yes, I know it is dangerous to try to think outside the box, to seek out truth for yourself, and to not take everything at face value. Heaven forbid you might learn something new.

Anyway, to the title of the blog post, how to research the right way.

Look at both sides of the issue from a neutral standpoint. Then form an opinion. It’s that simple.

Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to go and-ugh finish a debate assignment due tomorrow. Anyone that has even dabbled in debate knows you have to be ready to argue either side of an issue. Scary, I know. You have to know more than what you were spoon-fed. We can’t have that.

Or can we?



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